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DWAA double Nominated - Rescue Your Dog from Fear
Tried-and-true techniques to help your dog feel secure

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E-Training for Dogs Course -
The Series Lessons in Fear and Aggression
Part I Science and the Art of Desensitization

Instructor Peggy Swager
Focus on definitions, core science on fear and aggression, and desensitization techniques. These building blocks are essential to dog training tool boxes.

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Trainers looking for solutions to more challenging fear and aggression issues, these accredited courses are for you.

There are a vast number of opportunities to read about techniques, but not enough witness how the variables play out when applying different techniques. It is the goal of this series to bring hands on experience to dog trainers via video to help resolve some of the more challenging fear and aggression issues.  

Class One: Lessons in Fear and Aggression: Science and the Art of Desensitization

Course Content  Videos are used in this class to translate science into experience for people working to resolve fear and aggression issues in dogs. The goal is to allow the learner to see examples of how desensitization techniques are modified for individual dogs and circumstances. The videos include point-by-point explanations. It is a 7 lesson, take on your own time webinar course.

  •     Fear and aggression processes in the brain
  •     Fight, fight, thresholds, stimulus and triggers
  •     Video example of dog stimulated when seeing deer.
  •     Video example of dog going over threshold at a specific distance from the target
  •     How dog personalities and socialization effects fear in dogs
  •     Video example of a noise sensitive dog turning aggressive when exposed to an unrecognized stimulus.
  •     Learning how to identify and work through fear conditioning
  •     Video example illustrating a case study of a dog who displayed a conditioned fear response
  •     Case study of a dog with a history of abuse.
  •     Series of videos showing desensitization of an animal who had history of abuse.
  •     Desensitization Case Studies
  •     Videos showing the desensitization of two different dogs to a noise device that normally repels dogs.
  •     Calming signals, soothing touch, and refining your tools
  •     Video showing how calming signals worked on a dog known to bite people who entered the house.
  •     Video showing how desensitization helped build enough confidence between dog and owner for the dog “not” to react adversely when attacked by another dog. Note-The attacked dog was originally worked to improve a shy/reserved nature.

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DWAA 2013 Nomination
Separation Anxiety - A Weekend Technique

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E-Training Course - Separation Anxiety

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Solving Separation Anxiety for Trainers

An accredited class

Some dog trainers quickly turn to drugs to try and solve this issue, only to discover that drugs alone seldom solve this issue. Training is also needed. What you can learn in this course is that there are a lot of techniques to try before calling a veterinarian.

 Some of the things you will learn in this accredited class include:

  • A new technique for severe separation anxiety.
  • How to more accurately identify separation anxiety as opposed to other behaviors which display similar issues.
  • How to identify the level of separation anxiety a dog is suffering.
  • Several techniques for dealing with separation anxiety in a dog.
  • How to choose which technique to use when working to resolve separation anxiety.
  • How to modify techniques to ensure success.

 This modestly priced accredited class is offered through

CEU Status:

Training the Hard to Train Dog

Unique Content | Table of Contents | Author Biography | Summary | Purchase | Reviews

E-Training Course - House Training

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Dog trainers, become an expert at Solving House Training Issues

As a dog trainer, you need to learn to tackle the toughed house training issues your client has. This accredited course is offered through for $100. Some of the things you can learn to solve include:

  • Rescues with house training issues.
  • Dogs who chronically mess in the crate.
  • Dogs who hate the crate.
  • Mill dog rescues who have only ever learned to eliminate in a crate.
  • Male marking issues.
  • Submissive peeing issues.
  • Greeting peeing issues.

Look for course title Solving House Training Issues at


DWAA 2013 Winner
How to start a home-based Dog Training Business

Summary | Table of Contents | Purchase | Reviews

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