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Dog Owners

DWAA double Nominated - Rescue Your Dog from Fear
Tried-and-true techniques to help your dog feel secure

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E-Training Course - House Training

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Solutions for House Training Issues

This course may be an economic way to solve your house training problem.

  • Does your dog leave messes in the crate, or does the dog hate the crate?
  • Are you unsuccessfully dealing with male marking?
  • Did your dog fail to become reliable about house training?
    • Even mill dog rescues can learn to be reliable-find out how.
  • Are you dealing with unwanted submissive peeing? or Greeting peeing?

These are many to the topics covered in this course. And the good news is you can go to the section that holds your answer and find your solutions, or you can watch the entire course.

Modestly priced through at $50. Look for course title Solving House Training Issues

DWAA 2013 Nomination
Separation Anxiety - A Weekend Technique

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Separation Anxiety Problems? This Award Nominated DVD can Help

Did you know that rescues can develop separation anxiety related to the rescue process? Did you know there are things you can do to help prevent the problem without turning to drugs? Did you know that sometimes drugs don’t help, or training is needed in conjunction with drugs?

 The DVD: Separation Anxiety, a Weekend Technique holds the answer for a lot of issues with separation anxiety for people looking for drug free methods to solve this problem.

 Learn what habits you may have that can promote separation anxiety in a dog.

Learn how to identify “shadow dogs” and what you can do to prevent this from developing into full blown separation anxiety.

If your dog has separation anxiety, learn how to use the “I’ll be Back” technique. This works well for many dogs, and is explained in detail to help dog owners find success.

Separation Anxiety Course
Instructor Peggy O. Swager

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