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E-Training Course - House Training

This solving house training issues online course is for both canine professionals and dog owners.

Dog owners looking to resolve specific house training issues may use the Solving House Training Issues online course as a valuable resource.

Canine professionals desiring to learn how to help clients with house training issues. Positive training techniques ONLY.

Instructor:  Peggy O. Swager

Prerequisites – Understanding of basic dog training using positive techniques is recommended. Clicker training is not required; however, learning the basics of clicker training is helpful for all dog trainers.

Student Testimonial: I really enjoyed the Solving House Training Issues course and have already used some of my new knowledge in class. Thank you! Andrea

Overview – Students taking this solving house training issues online course can expect to learn how to deal with house training issues in dogs. Beginning with faults in house training techniques, this course also deals with some of the most difficult issues seen in dogs. Students will learn house training techniques for training dogs regardless of age or previous house training failures. Since this class is geared towards a dog trainer, coaching is given on how to query owners to isolate the issues preventing successful house training using question and answer examples. The composition of the course is both lecture material presented in slides, as well as photos and video clips to better illustrate specific points and techniques.

Solving House Training Issues is a class designed to empower dog trainers to solve some of the most difficult house training issues.
The course contains information in 8 sections for easier access. This comprehensive class includes:

  •             The best techniques for basic house training
  •             Solving issues with dogs who hate the crate
  •             Retraining dogs who chronically eliminate in a crate
  •             Dealing with dog who resist adverse weather conditions
  •             Rescues with house training issues
  •             Case studies including two mill dog rescues
  •             Solving male marking
  •             Resolving greeting peeing issues.
  •             Understanding and solving submissive peeing. This topic is one which the instructor won two DWAA (Dog Writer of America) on this topic.

Course Length: 8 sessions

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