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What Makes this Book Unique

Solutions for Your Dog Problems

Help for dogs with Impulse Control and Leadership Issues
Two reasons people end up with unwanted behaviors in dogs can be attributed to a dog who needs a strong leader but isn’t getting the leadership he or she needs, or a dog that has impulse control issues. Dogs who need a strong leader will want their owner to control resources and insist that the dog comply to commands. If the owner becomes lax, then the dog can end up with problematic behaviors or aggression issues. Dogs with impulse control issues will end up doing a behavior he or she wants to, even though the owner is yelling “No, no, no!” Since the dog just got away with misbehaving, the owner begins to lose the dog’s respect. Dogs who do not respect an owner as a worthy leader often will begin to obey less and less. Dogs who don’t see their owner as a strong leader may:

  • Chase and nip at children
  • Only come when the dog feels like it
  • Begin to fight with other dogs in a household
  • Bite and nip at his or her owner over possessions
  • Begin to disobey all commands

  • The quickest way to solve these kinds of issues is to follow along with the case study in Chapter 12 for “Chamois.” Chamois was obtained as a puppy, but she quickly began to take charge of her household. By age five Chamois no longer respected her owners and felt she had the right to decide that one of the other dogs in the household had to go. After Chamois’ targeted dog was put in the vet hospital twice, Chamois once again got her way. But that was the last time. The step-by-step training tells how Chamois was taught to see her owner as the one in charge. The training has no harsh methods or jerking on a choke chain or collar. More in-depth information on how to do different parts or the training is present in throughout the book.

    Help for Stubborn Dogs
    Some people think the word terrier is synonymous with the word stubborn. Others will tell you bull dogs can have those issues. And let’s not forget to mention some Australian Shepherds have displayed this problem as well as Shiba Inus. If you have a dog who is resisting your commands with a “stubborn as a mule” attitude, this book can help turn that around. Included is training information from the top mule trainer Brad Cameron.

    Help for Shy or Fearful Dogs
    Shyness can arise on its own or be accompanied by a lot of other traits such as fearfulness, high reactivity, and/or high sensitivity. If you have a dog with these kinds of issues, the chapter Nervous Nellies tells how to help out dogs with these issues. Segments such as “Snappy and the Bike” shows you how to help desensitize overly reactive dogs. There is also information on the correct way to introduce stimulus and reward. This is critical to get correct, because if you do things in the wrong order, you can increase a fearful reaction in a dog.

    Help for Housetraining Issues
    By using good, positive based techniques, (discussed in the book) you can help speed your housetraining success. However, some dogs may have issues that regular housetraining doesn’t cover. If you have a male dog who is marking in your house, a dog who pees when you approach (submissive peeing), a dog who gets so excited when you come home that the dog piddles, or a dog who chronically messes in the crate, you will find solutions to those problems in this book.


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