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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Outline Introduction

1. The Diverse World of Dog Training Why Become a Dog Trainer Is This Job for You? The Need for Dog Training Finding your Niche in a Diverse Dog Training World Personal Journeys of Dog Training Success

2. Before You Begin Training Skills and Knowledge Needed Your Support System--Everyone in the Family Ends Up Involved Friends can be Valuable Assistants Reaching Out to Others in the Dog Community Building Your Name in the Dog Training Community Avoiding Negative Politics Mining Future Business--Treating All Dog Contacts as Potential Customers

3. Create Your Home Office and Workspace Setting Up Your Home Office Area Do You Really Need a Home Office? Things You Will Need in Your Home Office Dog Area is Specific and Separate Convenance and Zoning Licensing and Permits Health Department and State Regulations Being a Good Neighbor

4. Getting Down to Business- Your Business Plan The Right Balance for Success Whats in a Name? Your Logo and Business Image Obtaining a Website Address Business Structure Options Why You Need an Attorney

5. Taxes and Record Keeping The Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting What is Cash Flow and What is Accrual? Record Keeping Understanding Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Reports A Healthy Perspective Expense Analysis Educational Help Outside of College Courses

6. Insuring Your Success Homeowners Insurance Extensions or Individual Policies Automobile Insurance Liability Insurance Business Interruption Insurance Worker’s Compensation Do You Need an Independent Insurance Agent

7. Banking on Your Future Checking and Savings Accounts Checks as Receipts Charge Cards and Credit Cards

8. Financing Your Training Business What Will it Cost? Small Business Loans Is Credit Card Financing Practical? Are Investors a Solution? Where to Buy Supplies Guidelines about Selling Merchandise Setting Your Prices

9. The Basics of Working at Home Keeping Track of Paperwork for Your Client’s Dogs Notes When Doing Private Consultations Class Syllabus and a Contract for Training Classes Using a Computer--and More--to Your Advantage The Great Information Exchange Office Hours--Setting Parameters with Clients and Family

10. Constructing Your Training Business Creating Training Areas at Your Residence Getting an Idea of the Size You Need for a Class Renting Facilities for Dog Training Acquiring Needed Equipment Dealing with the Doo-Doo Building Your Reference Library Dressing the Part When Meeting the Public Dog Consultations Creating a Training Contract

11. Marketing and Public Relations Building Word of Mouth Websites That Sell Your Business Using Social Media Advertising Through Veterinarians, Groomers, and Doggie Day Care Centers Advertising Through Print Dog Booths and Shows Events Mailing Out Advertisements Mining Future Customers from Current Customers Gift certificates A Last Few Tips

12. Behind the Scenes Information About Dog Training Qualifications for Teaching Classes Other Educational Needs in Trainers Places to Learn Your Skills What is a Behaviorist? Certifications for Dog Trainers Organizations That Promote Specific Disciplines Rally and Agility Organizations Dog Training Schools A Petsmart or Petco Educations E-Training

13. Growing Your Business The Advantage of Starting Small Selling Equipment Offering Other Dog Services Adding Staff Hiring Employees Means Paperwork Paying Employees Hiring a Subcontractor or Independent Contractor An Important Note About Insurance The Family Factor with Small Business Employees Non-competitive Clauses Motivating Your Employees to Do Their Best Concluding Thoughts

Appendix A: Roundtable Questions--Roundtable discussion from three dog training business owners about why they went the direction they did, brief highlights of their journey, and what they like about their business.

Appendix B: Dog Training Associations and Certifications Appendix C: Other Resources

Appendix D: Sample Brochure


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