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Awards and Nominations

Dog Writers Association of America encompasses all aspects of the world of dogs ~ showing, performance, behavior, training, health, and the human animal bond. We recognize many kinds of media besides journalism. Artists and photographers have joined our ranks and we include mystery and fiction writers, poets, historians and veterinarians. We have members who host national radio shows and others who appear on TV programs. Blogging, website production, social networking, and videography are among the professional activities of other members.

From Peggy's blog Regarding the DWAA Award

I was delighted to find out that I landed three awards. “The Truth About Stubborn Dogs” beat out my article “Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?” My article “Timid & Under-socialized Dogs” won in its category. I was very excited about my book “How to Start a Home-based Dog Training Business” winning. Although "Separation Anxiety, a Weekend Technique" didn’t win its category, since this was the first DVD I’ve produced, to have the video nominated says that the content was fairly good. The other two videos in the competition were produced by Dog Wise, a company who is a Goliath when it come to producing DVDs. Dog Wise had landed the other two nominations. I am honored to have mine listed next to their two finalists, even though it didn’t beat them out. "Separation Anxiety, a Weekend Technique" is now part of an accredited class called “ Solving Separation Anxiety.” You can find more about this class on The video is also available through this sight as a VOD.

DWAA will announce the 2013 winners based on the nominated list on February 9, 2014

2013 Nominations for Peggy Swager

Newspaper Article – Behavior and Training

  • Joanne Anderson, "Siggi’s Story" (Massapequa Post)
  • Peggy Swager, "Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety" (Petacular)
  • Peggy Swager, "Truth About Stubborn Dogs" (The Gazette Telegraph)

  • Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters -

  • Article on Any Other Topic Peggy Swager, "Timid & Undersocialized Dogs" (Mile High Dog)
  • Other Media - Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts

  • Haqihana, "Nosework-Search Games" (Dogwise Publishing)
  • National Association of Canine Scent Work, "The Parker Videos" (Dogwise Publishing)
  • Peggy Swager, "Separation Anxiety, a Weekend Technique (Hi-Caliber Books)
  • Books - Soft-cover Guides on Any Dog-Related Subject

  • Veronica Boutelle, The Business of Dog Walking (Dogwise Publishing)
  • Peggy Frezon, The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance (H.S. Brooks Press)
  • Peggy Swager, How to Start a Home-Based Dog-Training Business (Globe Pequot Press)
  • Previous Year Winers

  • The overly submissive 2002
  • A Matter of Misunderstanding 2009
  • Previous Year Nominations

  • Boston 2012
  • Shy or Abused
  • A Nose for trouble
  • Assertive or dominant

  • See Peggy's Blog for more information

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